Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Employment Market Update

The ADP employment report is out. I referenced this report in a previous blog and refer to it to each time it comes out try to understand what is going on. Here is the link -

It appears that most industry segments are growing slowly. The only real big loser is Construction jobs.

If you are looking for a Finance/Accoutning role then all industry segments are selectively hiring, I would avoid construction companies unless that is all you know. Most industries are doing well for the most part, we just need the capital markets to become less volitile so companies ready to go IPO can.

The occupy movements across the country are unhappy about the state of our national economy, many are not happy with Wall Street. I have to join in and say that the Wall Street folks need to stop using every excuse to sell and remain positive about the future. That way we will not have big down and up days and can get a number of companies off the ground by going public and create more jobs.

Happy hunting!

Bryon McDougall