Thursday, March 25, 2010

Q1 Job Market Update

Do you hear the job market is getting better? I read a Mercury news artical that CEO's plan to hire more than fire in 2010 ( That is a good sign! But it is all talk at this point, we like to see action. We need companies to pull the trigger on making hires rather than just say they are going to hire.

From last summer to December we were at a all time low in terms of job opportunities/search work. The market has picked up from that point, I tell people when you are at or near zero it only takes one or two things to creat significant growth. We have that going on right now in terms of jobs to talk about (search work is up >25% from December). We have seen an increase in our temporary work force as well. We hope this continues and companies start hiring the people they interview not just interview and find a way not to make a hire.

If you are wondering what industries to target I suggest looking at where the Venture Capital money is going. As I have mentioned in previous blogs The PWC Money Tree is a good resource ( The Bay Area leads the country in terms of raising capital for new companies. Last quarter more than 34% went to Bio-tech and Medical Device, more than 19% to Software,11% went to industrial/energy and nearly 9% went to media and entertainment. When doing search industry background is important to employers, if you have an opportunity to jump into one of these industries your market value increases. If you are not in one of these industries we can provide guidance on how to break into them.

Next quarter I hope to report a better employment market with hard evidence that we are moving in the right direction. If you have questions or like to talk about your employment search please call or send me an email.

Happy hunting!

Bryon McDougall