Thursday, December 27, 2007

Renew for the New Year

Amid the chaos of the holiday season it can be hard to find time to sit and reflect on your accomplishments from the last 12 months, as well as enable yourself to recharge your batteries for the coming year. With all the energy one puts into year-end deadlines, holiday parties, shopping, travel, children out of school, in-laws, etc, by the time January roles around, the renewed energy needed to start the new year off on a high note, may not be there.

To help get you into a positive mindset as you navigate year end, here are a few simple exercises you can do to help recharge, renew, and refresh yourself for the coming work year.

1) Reflection

· Do an objective self evaluation of the year gone by
· Describe to yourself the lessons you’ve learned over the past year

2) Appreciation

· Think about all of your accomplishments over the last year
· Express appreciation for yourself and the people around you that have made your life better

3) Vision/Planning

· Clarify what is most important to you
· Indentify a vision for your goals in the coming year
· Establish a plan and the steps you’ll take to reach these goals
· Commit yourself to this plan

With all the turmoil that surrounds us in today’s world, in and outside of work; it can be difficult to maintain the perspective of our values, and stay on track with our long term goals. Hopefully these exercises will provide a little help. If you need further help, check out Alchemy’s career services.

--Steve Hernandez